section i
section ⅱ
part a
text i
21.maintain their plastic items
22. inherent flaws
23.protect them from further damage
25.have profound historical significance
text 2
26.reassess the necessity of college education
27. the shrinking value of a college education
28.employers are taking a realistic view of a degree
29.further their studies in a specific field
30.lifelong learning will define them
text 3
31.receive favorable responses
32.arts offer audiences easy access to science
33.their roles may be underestimated
34.it exemplified the valuable art-science alliances
35.should do more than communicating science
36.protect the rights of ordinary workers
37.hinder business development
38.dismiss the poorly performing manager
39.employers suffer from salary cuts
40.difficult to put into practice
part b 无
part c
46.it was also,and this is unknown even to many people well read about the period, a battle between those who made codes and those who broke them.
47.it listed many documents

in code that had been captured from the french army of spain, and whose secrets had been revealed by the work of one george scovell, an officer in british headquarters.
48.he could not analyze carefully what this obscure officer may or may not have contributed to that great struggle between nations or indeed tell us anything much about the man himself. 他无法仔细分析这位默默无闻的军官是否可能对那场国家间的伟大斗争做出什么贡献,也无法告诉我们关于他本人的任何情况。
49. there may have been many spies and intelligence officers during the napoleonic wars,but it is usually extremely difficult to find the material they actually provided or worked on
50.just as the code breaking has its wider relevance in the struggle for spain.so his attempts to make his way up the promotion ladder speak volumes about british society.
section iii writing
part a
51. directions:
write a email to a professor at a british university,inviting him/her to organize a team for the international innovation to be held at your university. you should write about 100 words on answer sheet.
do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. useinstead. do not write the address. (10 points)
【高分范文】dear sir or madam,
as an orgaizer of the international innovation, i am writing this letter to invite you to organize a team here.
first and foremost, the international innovation will be held in the auditorium on campus on dec.25th,2021 at 9: 00 am. secondly, as the key member of the team, we hope you could do the following things: scoring the potential participants, making comments for them, and giving them advanced advice. what union will be there to provide you necessary guidance.
i would appreciate if you could take my invitation into account. thank you for your time and attention. best regards!yours sincerely,
li ming
part b 52.directions:
write an essay of 160—200 words based on the following drawing. in your essay,you should
1) describe the drawing briefly, 2) explain its intended meaning, and 3) give your comments.
you should write neatly on answer shieet. (20 points)
clearly, the picture above shows students
apparently, the picture tells us that college students shouldnt only focus on their own majors, and the reasons are as follows. on the one hand, students with comprehensive knowledge and skills are more preferred in the job market. that is to say, compared with those who only master the knowledge in their specific field, those who are fully developed have more job opportunities and greater career potential. on the other hand, if they only pay attention to their own subjects and neglect the knowledge of other fields, it is hard for them to apply all sorts of knowledge to their future life and work in a comprehensive way.
therefore,it is necessary for college students to achieve comprehensive development by acquiring various kinds of knowledge and skills. only in this way can they make greater progress and have a brighter future.